Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 2 - In London - Borough Market, Harrods, the Underground & the play "Private Lives" live theatre

Day 2 and it was another busy, but fun day in London! The first thing we did was go to a local fresh food market called The Borough Market. While there we saw Matt Preston a chef from the show Master Chef. Lynda patted him on the back and wished him all the best for his stay in London - as only she can! He just had a laugh and wished us all the best as well!

We also visited the lovely Southwark Cathedral – very majestic -before we had to leave to go to Harrods.

We had to travel via King’s Cross Station so we couldn’t help ourselves we had to go to Platform 9 ¾ as per Harry Potter! Check out the photos!

We made it to Harrods where we caught up with Lauren, Michelle’s daughter and two of her friends – Bec and Nicole. We had a lovely lunch together at a restaurant near Harrods, before we had a quick look around the Victoria & Albert Museum. Then we returned to shop at Harrods, before returning to Shefali’s flat.Walked along the Riverside Walk – very busy, but lovely as London was again sunny and warm!

Once at Shefali’s flat we got ready to go to our play for that evening, the Noel Coward play of “Private Lives”, which was on at the Vaudeville Theatre and starred Matthew MacFadyen and Kim Cattral.

We met Shefali outside the theatre. It was an excellent play – very funny, with lots of twists. The theatre was much smaller than the theatre’s we are used to back home in Melbourne. After the play we went to a nearby Italian restaurant for a late dinner before catching a bus back to Shefali’s flat - exhausted!!!



  1. Well girls, it looks as though your trip is off to a fabulous start.

  2. platform 9 and 3/4 is awesome!!! they're great photos!!