Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photos of our first day in London

We were so lucky with our first day in London which was a lovely sunny day!
Check out how blue the sky was & no clouds!
Big Ben, double decker buses and views from the top of St Paul's Cathedral!


  1. Well Ladies. What can I say. Lynda, So very sorry Westminster Abbey was closed, but I should have warned you about the jink that the girls put on that place. You should have stayed with Lauren if you wanted to see it and I must see it is really lovely. You would have enjoyed it. Glad you all made it up the stairs. Be prepared, all across Europe that is all there is. STAIRS everywhere.
    Great chat last night with lots of noise. Keep up the good work girls
    Love you

  2. Glad to see you all arrived safely, have a wonderful time. Looking forward to following your journey. Enjoy every STEP...

    :) Carmel