Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 4 - Another busy day in London

We had another busy day in London. Once again the weather was kind to us - mild and cloudy. The first place we visited was the Tower of London. It was great - we saw the Crown Jewels, lots of different types of armoury and towers. We had lunch there before travelling to see Westminster Abbey. Finally managed to get in - Tonia had missed out seeing it last time because we always seemed to arrive just as it was closing, so she was really happy to get to see it at last! Yes Michelle we've got proof we were there!
After seeing this magnificent abbey, with the aid of audio commentary which was terrific, we took a cab to the Victoria & Albert Museum to see an exhibition of Grace Kelly's dresses. They were lovely. Then we looked around some of the museum including more costumes, the art section and jewellery - very extensive collection of each.
After leaving we made our way to Buckingham Palace where we took a number of photos - surprise, surprise! Our next stop was Oxford Street to check out the shops. There were so many people everywhere. We walked what seemed the length of Oxford Street before we had to leave to make our show for the night. This time we were seeing the sequel to 'Phantom of the Opera' called "Love Never Dies" It was an excellent show - much better than we expected. It was well worth seeing. After the show we met Shefali and returned to her home which is located opposite the Tate Modern gallery - very central location to so many parts of London. Thanks a heap Shefali for allowing us to stay with you it has been so much fun! Tomorrow we leave to drive around many parts of England.


  1. Hi Georgina,
    Stan and I have been really enjoying watching
    your progress and the heaps of fun that you are having.It brings back memories of when we toured London. Keep enjoying!

  2. wow - Buckingham palace! great photos again!

  3. Hey girls, great to see you arrived safely and mother nature certainly turned on the weather for you! She knew you were all coming!! that a Harrod's bag I spy in your hand in one of the photos! Or was everything so expensive that you bought something tiny just to get the bag!!! LOL. Keep posting those photos, too, great to be able to keep up! Love Gill, Doug and Lauren xxx