Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 5, 6 & 7 - Winchester, Bath, Tetbury, Castle Combe, the Lakes District

Well we have been extremely busy travelling all around England from Winchester, Bath (yes we finally got there), Tetbury, Castle Combe (the most photographed town in England and we know why), through to the Lakes District! Phew we have certainly covered some miles - plus some extra as we have occasionally got lost along the way! Perhaps getting the GPS would have been a good idea but then we would have missed out on some really lovely views along the way.
Driving out of London was not as difficult as we thought it might be. I've (Georgina) been doing most of the driving, Tonia directing via maps where to go and Lynda helping out. The car we're driving is a black Mercedes and it's a great car to drive. It handles really well especially when the roads here are either really narrow in the little townships where it's a surprise that two cars can even fit (let alone a bus or truck & our car!) or the roads are huge like on the motorways where travelling at 120kmp+ is the norm! We have got used to it all, but it is certainly an experience!

Our Bed & Breakfast places have all been different but really lovely and the people we have met have all been great. The full English breakfasts are lovely but really filling.

We have been so busy taking heaps of photos and enjoying everything that we are doing. We haven't been able to blog lately because of lack of time or no access to wifi, but finally we can. This is only up to day 7, as we haven't downloaded the rest of our photos, but we will soon.

It's really difficult to work out which photos to include we've seen so many wonderful places, but the photos on this page (in reverse order to the way they appear on the page - we've got to remember to add photos in reverse order so that they appear in the correct order we did things in!) are Winchester Cathedral, breakfast at our B&B in Tetbury, afternoon tea and surrounds in Castle Combe, at the Roman Baths in Bath, outside Hilltop the home of Beatrix Potter in the Lakes District & surrounding area and finally water reflections on our way to Fort William.



  1. The views are stunning and I was thrilled to see the home of Beatrix Potter after watching Miss Potter so many times. You certainly are fitting lots of sighteseeing into your days as well as going to some great theatre.


  2. Hi girls, hope you have recovered from your initial tiredness, it certainly looks like your'e having a ball! I just hope the weather is that good when we're over there, but somehow I doubt it....oh well, it'll just give us a different perspective! Keep smiling and having a ball! Love Gill x

  3. Hi Gals,
    You;re pix are fab, if you get a chance to see Chester I can highly recommend the town as I was born there.
    Cats had a fab win also!

  4. Hi Girls
    Well the special day is here and everyone is keen to know the outcome. In fact, the whole country is on edge. No it is not the British election. It is of course your respective 50th birthdays. We hope that all those poms help you to celebrate in style and make it a birthday to remember. Really enjoy yourselves and go WILD!!!!
    Best wishes
    The Naylors