Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 20 - Tuesday 11th May - Rome

Early morning rise to have a quick breakfast before trying to battle the early morning Rome traffic to try to get to St Peters & the Vatican by 9am. This was not possible because the traffic was very bad and moved very slowly and considering these italians drive anyway they like, it took a long time! After eventually getting to St Peter's we joined our own guide to see the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel & St Peter's church. We were all given headphones and a little radio to hear our guide better - a great idea as you could still wander around and still hear the guide.
It was great seeing all the historical items in the Vatican Museum and then to step into the amazing Sistine Chapel to admire the beauty of this Chapel. Lots of tourists were there all being hushed by the security people every couple of minutes. The restorations they have made in the Sistine Chapel were well worth it! Just lovely.
We had to leave this room to continue the last bit of the tour to see St Peter's. Again amazing with all the historical mosaics & sculptures done by so many masters of the day. It was a hard to know where to look so much to see everywhere. Even walking out of this Church just the splendour of the columns everywhere - just amazing.
After a quick shop around we went back for a rest at the hotel before heading out in the afternoon to go to the Trevi Fountain. We all threw in our 3 coins, one for luck, one for love and one to return to Rome - hope they all come true! :) Next stop after a quick shop around the Trevi was to our dinner in the heart of Rome. Another lovely dinner with some nice choices of wine too, again there was just too much food but it was made very entertaining with the waiter and the music. This time we had a flute player & singer. Lynda kept dropping her fork and knife! but it all made to the very funny night we all had at this restaurant! All the ladies got a rose from the waiter as we left. So another great day.

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