Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 23 - Friday 14th May - Pisa, Italy then on to France - Monaco & Nice

Left Florence to drive to Pisa. Here the weather was really, really wet! Almost pouring, so we each bought an umbrella with sights of Italy on them. Walked around the area of Pisa to the Leaning Tower. Despite the rain we took photos of each of us holding up and pushing over the leaning tower. Just as we were leaving the rain eased off.
Hopped back on the bus and said farewell to Italy and hello to France. Yeah the weather had changed! We drove to the French Riviera where it is apparently sunny for 300 days of the year and we were there for those days! Drove straight to Monaco where the Grand Prix was in full swing with the race to be raced this Sunday. Because of this we had to leave the coach out of town and take a transport coach to the Monte Carlo Casino right where the Grand Prix track is.
Wow what flashy cars we saw here! There were Ferraris, Lambourghinis, Bentleys, Porches and so many more. All in different colours and either parked out the front of Monte Carlo Casino or driving around doing a circuit showing off their cars. It was amazing. We took many photos of these cars. Even saw a convertible Smart cart - really interesting!
We walked around crowded, rich and picturesque Monte Carlo with its many fashionable shops and cars. The time trials for the Grand Prix had already been held in the morning. We drove around the outside of the track on our way back to the coach.
Our next stop was Nice. Once we arrived here we had an orientation tour before going to our hotel. We walked to the port just down our street with some other people from our tour and looked for a restaurant for dinner. We ended up in lovely French restaurant with a very friendly waiter who certainly looked after us. We had a great evening.

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