Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 15 - Lucerne, Switzerland - Our 50th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to the three of us! We had many well wishes from our fellow travellers who also sang 'Happy Birthday' to us when we were on the bus. Our first stop was to Stanserhorn where we took cable cars to the very top of this mountain. The weather was 'inclement', as our tour guide Jon says, as well as being very unseason for this time of the year! Therefore we should not have been surprised to see snow or that it was snowing when we got to the top of the mountain! We wandered around the top to see what we could and although it was obscured by the snow clouds it was quite magical with the snow falling around us!
Down the mountain on to a lake cruise of Lake Lucerne - just lovely. Once off the cruise we walked along the old Chapel Bridge to the old town. Then off to a lovely birthday lunch at....McDonald's! Only so that we could get free wifi access to skype family back at home, which we did and which for us was the best birthday present as we were so far away from them. We spent nearly an hour talking, more like yelling, over the noise. Thanks guys, it was great talking to you all.
After that we went to look around and shop in Lucerne, which is a lovely, quaint town. We had a very memorable birthday. Must thank everyone who sent us birthday messages as well. There were too many to reply to with so little time. A great day was had by us all!

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