Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 29 - Thursday 20th May - Giverny

As we leaped out of our apartment and found the train to Vernon, we met up with Cathy & Lynne plus the Ashwood family from our European trip. Once on the train we met a lovely couple from Indiana, Jean & Steve which made the ride very interesting. Off at Vernon we had to wait for the local bus (to take us to Giverny) that seemed to take forever (actually it took longer to wait for this bus than the train trip to Vernon!). Beth, Georgina, Tonia, Cathy, Lynne and I waited whilst Kane & Ryan decided to hire bicycles to ride to Giverny - which they said was great & they even beat us to Giverny too!
Monet's house which is the colour of musk pink, was his wife's favourite colour. Inside the house it was filled with his paintings & lots of Japanese paintings which Monet was very interested in. As we looked out of the top storey window it was a sea of colour from all the flowers planted everywhere, from blue & white forget-me-nots to pink - yellow-purple tulips & irises, and we had not even walked to the Waterlily pond & Bridge! We were so glad when we did with the weeping willows, all colured bushes & Wisteria. It was quite mesmerising! We even sat and had our picnic lunch here at the edge of the pond, it was so beautiful we didn't want to leave. As an added bonus we took a short walk to view an impressionism Art works nearby Giverny. Everyone I think would agree it was a priceless experience to see Giverny & the waterlily pond.
Bus ride back was a little quicker and once back in Paris we said our goodbyes to the Ashwood family. We arranged for Cathy & Lynne to visit the apartment to have dinner nearby the apratment. As 8 o'clock approached, Cathy & Lynne arrived where we all enjoyed a Paris or french starter - an aparateif that we made of Rose wine, cheeses with biscuits & little toasts & fruit. Enjoying this so much we realised it was getting rather late so out to dinner we went and to see the Eiffel Tower lit up but as we got closer to the Eiffel Tower it was just getting on to 10pm and George told us it should light up and just as she said that it did! It was a laser light show for 5 minutes, so the camera & mobile phones all came out to take pictures. Then we finally went to a French cafe where we shared a Pizza (quickest thing to make and eat) and some crepes suzette that came out flaming!! We also met a lovely couple from Denmark on their honeymoon. All in all it was fun filled night.

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