Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 14: Wednesday 5th May - Weinheim, Germany - Black Forest in Germany - Lucerne, Switzerland

We left Weinheim, Germany and made our way to Heidelberg where we explored this pretty university town for a brief time only. Our next stop was somewhere in the Black Forest where the shop front is a massive cuckoo clock and the place specialises in cuckoo clocks of all sorts. A great shop to actually shop at as prices we later found out were very reasonable. We had lunch here of sausages, gravy and sauerkrat, which was quite delicious.

We left that and drove into Switzerland with its magnificent and majestic alps all snow capped! Everywhere we looked the views were spectacular. The weather was wet with fast moving clouds, but it didn't spoil the views, it actually added to them. We drove straight to Lucerne where we wandered briefly around this city and saw the huge & famous Lion Monument statue dedicated to all the Swiss soldiers who have died in wars. It was really a lovely monument with the fallen, speared lion.
We didn't spend too long in Lucerne as we are going to be spending more time there tomorrow. We travelled to our hotel just on the outskirts of Lucerne and it is lovely. The view from our window is of a white church with a very tall steeple. We walked to this church before going in to dinner. This church we were to find out chimes on the hour and half hour, which was initially lovely, but not so charming when it chimed all night long especially at 6am in the morning!

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