Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 17 - Innsbruck, Austria - Italy: Verona & Venice

Had a beautiful day today. Drove through the spectacular Dolomite Mountains in Italy. Wow these mountains are huge and seem to be never-ending! So steep and massive.

We drove to Verona where we saw Juliet's balcony and then walked around this really beautiful city. We didn't know there was a colosseum in Verona but we do now. Did a bit of shopping before stopping and had a great meal out in the sun overlooking this colosseum before leaving to drive on to Venice.

We were so lucky with the weather which was now sunny and warm. Once in Venice we first travelled by gondolas through the many canals in Venice before we walked down the narrow lane ways into St Mark's Square. It was late afternoon and it was not very crowded which was terrific. Then we took water taxis around the Grand Canal - again all spectacular views before returning to our hotel on the mainland.

Another day of wonderful sights and experiences! So many photos - so hard to choose which to include on this blog!


  1. Oh I just love looking at your photos they are sensational and just makes me want to go back as soon as possible. Also makes me realise that there is just so much more to see. Looks like perfect weather in Venice. Enjoy the rest of your trip before you know it it will be all over. See you when you get back, Lorraine

  2. oh my gosh!! venice was / is superb. will send you my photos when you guys have more time on your hands to look at them. can't believe i was there two weeks ago and you guys are there now ... missed you by "that much"! :)
    have a great rest of trip. talk soon!
    s xoxo