Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 22 - Thursday 13th May - Sorrento - Umbria then Florence

Florence is fantastic! With our local guide we first visited a Galleria to see the original Michaelangelo statue of "David". He didn't say much, a bit of a poser and likes to throw stones. We also saw a number of Michaelangelo's unfinished sculptures where you could see figures forming.
As we walked to the Duomo we saw the "Doors to Paradise" - doors of heaven then as you swing around you saw the beauty of the Duomo church, built entirely out of white, red and green marble. Also walked to the square with the Palace and replica of David plus many other statues, before going to the Santa Croce Church.
From here we explored Florence and found the old wooden bridge of the Ponte Vecchio filled with lovely and many expensive jewellery shops.
The bus then took us to the highest point to oversee Florence - a wonderful view!

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