Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 19 - Monday 10th May - Venice through Tuscany to Rome

Tuscany countryside to Rome. Early start for Rome. First a lovely drive through the Tuscany countryside with lots of green trees, grape vines and lush green landscape. Most of the houses were painted a warm yellow with a terracotta roof. A great setting against the rolling green hills.
Then "K"zam ROME - the circle road with traffic, Traffic, TRAFFIC !!!
First a drive by of Rome stopped at St Peter's and then walked to Piazza Novara where in BC time Christians would die in the Arena, now it is a rectangle Piazza with restaurants, shops, church, fountains, sculptures & stalls of painting & gifts.
Then we got on the bus which drove us to the Colosseum where we had dinner at Al Gladatore which was opposite the Colosseum. A beautiful lit up background of the Colosseum for everyone to enjoy to look at whilst we were eating our dinner with 2 opera singers singing to us in both English and Italian.

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