Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 12: Monday 3rd May - London, UK -Calais, France - Brussels - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Starting our Trafalgar 17 day European Cavalcade Tour:
We started the day early with a 3:30am wake up call! Yes we had a very early start! After breakfast, our last English Breakfast for a while the coach took us to Dover. We boarded the ferry to cross the channel and it was here that we saw the "white cliffs of Dover" . The ferry crossing was a bit rough. We landed in Calais, France and travelled by coach through France and Brussels until we reached the Netherlands (Holland). The weather at the start of the day had been sunny but it had turned bad with rain and lots of cloud. Arrived in Amsterdam and did a tour of the city canals. We travelled along lots of canals and saw where many people live either in thin narrow houses, or on boats or barges moored along the side of the canal. In Amsterdam they do a sort of flush out each night where they let out the water to replace it in order to keep the level or depth of the water constant. This helps to keep the canals clean and the wooden structures under the water covered so oxidization doesn't occur.
Back on land we had our hoods back on due to the rain. We went to explore more of the narrow alleys and see up close the decorations of the many buildings. We saw lots of coffee houses & cafes as well as some interesting window "displays". Back to our hotel after having a large cone of hot chips and mayo for dinner, which did go everywhere, hot and yummy!

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