Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 35 - Wednesday 26th May - Bulgaria: Koprinka, Kazanlak, Veliko Tarnovo

Our second day at Koprinka and after a sleep in Christinka and Neno & family picked us up and took us out for a traditional Bulgarian breakfast in Kazanlak, which was round bread with spices and we ordered a cheese omelette and Georgina had a mushroom one. We also had coffee. Then we walked to the Thracian King's Tomb 3000BC. This has only recently been discovered. We entered the small doorway to a room with a dome which had beautiful paintings on the roof. Returning to our car we saw another horse and cart - we've seen quite a few of these. We said goodbye to Christinka and her family here and were driven by Spas and Venka to Veliko Tarnovo. Mitkor, Yordana, Yanka, Nikolai and Boryana travelled in another car. Veliko Tarnovo is where Boryana goes to university. We met her here (we needed our English translator) and then went to the palace/castle high up on a hill which had 360 degree views. We had wonderful weather. We left Veliko Tarnovo and returned to Kazanlak where we went to a supermarket. Interesting. Even more interesting was the crane feeding its young high up on a pole around the corner from Spas's house. We ended this lovely day at Spas's place for dinner and a stayover.

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