Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 41 - Tuesday 1st June - Greece - Santorini - Mykonos

Woke up to a really misty morning in Santorini. Thought the volcano had erupted again. We didn't really want to leave Santorini because we hadn't taken photos of all the churches there as yet, but I think we took at least 90% of them!!!
After the horrendous bus ride down the very steep cliff to the port we boarded our ferry. We took a motion sickness tablet each table before boarding the fast ferry to Mykonos. All was fine on the ride over to Mykonos. I had a little sleep.
Once in Mykonos after being 'dumped' on the road near our hotel we eventually found our hotel. Straight away we left to explore Mykonos. Found the windmills before having an early dinner. We were served by a "Snape" (Harry Potter) lookalike, who was wearing green instead of black. We returned to our hotel and don't remember the next 2 hours as the motion sickness tablets had taken effect and it put us to sleep (It comatosed us!!!!)
Finally woke up and decided to see the nightlife. Got served by Snape again and then he brought out the black potion - "I've got something special for you" - a drink/potion. Small, black liquid/shot - blahhhh!!! Well you could have shot us it was that potent. It felt like we were drinking cough medicine. We left quickly, trying to avoid Snape and then returned to our hotel for another restful sleep.

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