Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 36 - Thursday 27th May - Bulgaria, Gabrovo, Spitka

After having another sleep in (But not so late today) we had breakfast with Spas and his family before heading back to Miktor's house to go see another Bulgarian landmark, the old town of Gabrovo. Most of our relatives came along so there were 4 cars that went. We drove through the Balkan mountains again to get to Gabrovo to visit Etra. Etra is like Sovereign Hill except that it is a typical old Bulgarian village with windmills, waterwheels, weavers and old wares. Looked through this old town before we ate lunch. We also bought some nice silver jewellery and some typical Bulgarian pottery.
On our way back to Koprinka we journeyed to another Bulgarian landmark on top of a big hill called the "Spitka" where Bulgaria fought for their independence from Turkey. We walked all the way to the top of this monument which thankfully was broken up in sections with various memorabilia. Very interesting and great that we had a small break from circular staircases. The view from the top was magnificent. After the Shipka we went to see a grand golden Russian church before returning to Koprinka. We met Boryana's friends who were at a local outdoor bar.
A long day finished off with a lovely meal at a seafood restaurant with all of our relatives near the Koprinka Lake and Dam called "The Wall". We stayed at Miktor's again tonight.

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