Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 40 - Monday 31st May - Santorini, Perissa, Oia, Greece

Again another sleep in. Yeah! had a leisurely morning by the pool as it was quite hot. Our views of the ocean and white houses dotting the cliff tops continue to amaze us. The views are simply spectacular!
Had lunch at our apartment before leaving to catch the bus first to Thira and then to Perissa where we went to the black cobbled stoned beach. We dipped our feet into the ocean it was lovely as the day was really hot. We then walked back to the top of the beach area to have iced coffees and a dessert in the open-air cafe. Lovely.
We returned to Thira and then took the bus to Oia as we wanted to see the famous sunset of Oia. We walked along the narrow lanes taking different turns and each one ending in amazing views until finally we stopped for a short while at a low westerly point. This was a lovely view but it had no shade and after a while we got too hot to stay there so we decided to move on to find a spot with some shelter. While walking back to the top we accidentally came across the most ideal spot to sit and watch the sunset. It was at a tiny bar overlooking not only the ocean, but in the near distance a windmill and a church! We took so many photos as the sun slowly set with amazing colours! It was just beautiful to sit back, relax with a drink and take in all the splendor of this sunset. It was hard working out which photos to add to our blog but we've selected a few - there's heaps more! And yes, we have all tanned thanks to the lovely hot weather we've been having lately!
After the sun had set - we were there for about one and a half hours - we wandered back through the narrow lanes with its many shops back to the bus to return to where we were staying. Once back we had a tea and dipped our feet in our pool/spa, blogged some more and then went to bed.

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  1. love these photos - the sunset is beautiful. ladies it's motivating to go over there!!