Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 42 - Wednesday 2nd June - Greece - Mykonos - Athens

After a lovely, fresh breakfast in our hotel we ventured out for one last look at Mykonos with its many whitewashed streets hung with lots of pink bouganvillia. Down to the port and the windmills one more time, before returning to collect our luggage and 'lug' it back to the top of the street where our new taxi stopped in the middle of the street to collect us again to make the 5 minute drive to Mykonos airport.
The plane ride this time was not as bad as going to Santorini as that was just plain scary. Got into Athens unfortunately we had to collect our left luggage. Found a poor unsuspecting taxi driver to collect us and ALL of our luggage. Setted in to our hotel which has a great view of the Acropolis which tempted us to visit it immediately.
Finally found a way to get there after weaving our way through so many alleyways and dead ends we found a way to the Acropolis. Magnificent views and structures, very old and ancient. After admiring of these structures we thought we would explore other monuments BUT....unfortunately while not looking where I was walking and listening to Lynda talking about the Acropolis I (Tonia) took a massive tumble (Lynda - "she hit the ground" "One minute she was there and the next she was gone). It was not good. According to Lynda and George I was extremely brave as the amount of skin scrapped off my knee and the blood oozing down was not good. Thankfully the Acropolis staff were on hand and helped to clean and disinfect the massive wound. All was okay after it was cleaned up. I could still walk. So onward we went with a little pain to Sygtagma Square to see the changing of the guards after passing Hadraig's Arch and the Olympic Temple of Zeus.
The changing of the guards was interesting and then we went in search of the Olympic stadium, finally found it and then walked all the way back to our hotel (eventually found that too). Cleaned my leg again went down to the Plaka area just outside our hotel for dinner, ate out under the stars. Then back to our hotel for a drink on the rooftop with magnificent views of the Acropolis all lit up. Lovely, just lovely!

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