Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 43 - Thursday 3rd June - Greece - Athens

Yeah! Finally completely up-to-date with our blog. Amazing what quick wifi can do!
Slept in big time, but we needed the rest. Had a great breakfast at our hotel before going to a pharmacy to get Tonia's leg looked at. Thankfully all was okay and it was not infected. She was very happy. Got bandages and ointment and returned to our hotel to apply all of this, before leaving to see a special Degas exhibition at a museum nearby. We walked there, but it was closed for siesta lunch, so we went to have lunch ourselves.
At 1pm the museum re-opened so we went to see this exclusive exhibition of all of Degas's sculptures including his most famous "The Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen". It did not disappoint, these sculptures were beautiful. From there we went to the Monastiraki Flea Market for some more shopping. It was all great.
Returned to our hotel to leave what we had bought before going to the nearby Plaka for a coffee and cake. Yum! Then we walked to the new Acropolis Museum filled with artefacts from the many buildings of the Acropolis. Wow these were amazing. Three floors of ancient ruins and sculptures from as early as 500BC. The actual building is built over original ruins with see-through floor areas, all beautifully done.
Returned exhausted to our hotel and had a brief rest before going out to have dinner. We had dinner on a rooftop restaurant. The food was lovely. The views were great but the views from the rooftop of our hotel are a lot better. We left to have coffee at our hotel's rooftop restaurant before returning to our room to pack all of our stuff into our suitcases, all ready for tomorrow when we have to leave.
We've had an excellent time on our European holiday. Every day, every moment has been so special. We've seen and done so much, experiences we'll always remember. It has all been so memorable and no surprise we have heaps of photos to remember our time away! Many thanks to all those who sent us messages along our way. We have enjoyed it all! Now back to reality! As they say in Bulgaria: Nesdravya - good health & good luck!
Georgina, Tonia and Lynda

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